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Why should I buy my glasses from my optometrist?

Ordering through your trusted eye care professional has been the traditional method for many decades. Imagine your parents or your grandparents and what they used to go through and how different it is today.  Most of us refer to the Internet as a great way to find deals, discover hard to find brands, or stumble upon whatever is cheapest.  However, most people don't realize that buying from your trusted eye care professional, your eye doctor, not only is the best option to find a great pair of glasses but will provide you with lower costs, great customer service, and exact prescription.

But isn't buying online so much cheaper and faster?

Many online sites appear to promote great deals, free shipping, and strive to save you money, but you really don't know if that's the lowest price available. Only someone who has been in the eye care business for many years can really give you a honest estimate. The best thing about knowing your eye doctor is judging their integrity, which a faceless website won't provide.  Also, many practices are in touch with manufacturers to achieve special deals, rebates, or trunk shows  that you can't find online.

Another important aspect about buying glasses is building a personal relationship with a doctor than using old prescriptions. When you buy glasses online, you assume the frame works well on you, but you rarely get to try them on before buying them, and you won't get a decent picture of what they look like until they have been purchased & delivered. The hassle in returning them can be difficult. However, by your local optometrist, you can try on some of the latest designer eyewear and really see how they fit on you before spending a dollar. Finding the right frame that makes you look stylish, safeguard your long-term health, and ensure great comfort is important when deciding the right glasses that you'll wear for the next 2 to 3 years.

Often, when buying glasses, you don't really know how the frame will sit on your face, or how will the lens perform overall. There are many types of lenses that use anti reflective coating, made specifically for viewing the computer,  or were designed for a particular audience that may not suit your needs. For example, there are people who use bifocals and they need a certain kind of lens to maintain optimal vision, and only an educated eye doctor or optician can recommend the right brand or frame for you.

Plus there's so many different technologies coming of these days that you may not be aware of the options when viewing a website. Just because the latest designer frame that you had last year made a great impression on you, doesn't necessarily mean there aren't any other frames to choose.

As always, the best option is to visit your local a doctor and just see what they can offer you.