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School Started, Is Your Child’s Eye Exam Scheduled?

Many girl2 in forestparents already have children attending their new school year, yet few children have had their realy eye exam. Being ready for promising new adventures and experiences in the classroom depends on good eyesight, which is often overlooked.

What could be a small deficiency in eyesight can go undetected for a number of years and unnecessarily hinder your child's learning capacity. Our doctors at Vision Health Specialties of Midlands, Texas  believe that every child uses his or her vision as a gateway into studing, sports, and homework. However, when your child's vision suffers from  a visual disability, nearsightedness, or an astigmatism, such eye conditions impact your child's ability to learn. As your child develops and builds their visual skills, proper management and early detection can ensure long lasting visual acuity. Therefore, we recommend an annual eye exam for child to ensure optimum performance at school, and that doesn't mean their parents shouldn't have one either."

Children rely on a basic set of skills are well at school,  and it's important  educate yourself on what difficulties your child can face with poor vision.  The most common problem among children is myopia or nearsightedness This means your child will struggle with seeing distances beyond a foot, and most of the time this is discovered by teachers or parents by poor reading skills, writing skills, or difficulty at seeing the blackboard.  Although many people consider this normal, your child should not need to struggle or suffer through poor test scores, only then to get glasses. This affects their self esteem, socializing with other students, and most importantly could have been avoided without much effort.

Although nearsightedness and farsightedness are commonly found,  not all eye conditions are easily noticeable, and these types are the ones that can lead to significant problems later on. One such condition is strabismus,  in which your child faces headaches shorten, short attention spans, and  requires his or her finger to guide them as they read.  The failure with these visual time is caused by a convergence insufficiency, which means their eyes have a hard time merging to a certain point so that  words jump as they read.  Oddly enough, your child can pass an eye chart exam even with this problem, and only an eye care professional can really notice the difference.

Your child's vision can change without any signs of an eye condition,  and like visiting your local doctor for physical checkups, visiting your local eye doctor should be at least as frequent.  To learn more about your child's vision what you can do to keep their vision healthy, contact one of our offices today