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All patients will be required to fill our a COVID-19 risk questionnaire before they are allowed to enter the office; this will be available on our website and at our front door.
Please note that our patients will be required to wear a mask while in our building. For a comprehensive description of our COVID-19 protocol, please click here

Our practice is right by Target & Rosa’s Café at 4109 North Midland Dr. Midland, TX 79707

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A wealth of vision resources for you on the net.. Click Away.

  • All About Vision A comprehensive patient guide to all aspects of eye health and vision correction.
  • Refractive Surgery InformationThis site offers a balanced view on Laser Vision Correction as well as other types of refractive surgery.
  • LASIK Surgery NewsIs laser vision correction right for you? Visit for the latest news about LASIK and other refractive surgery to help you decide.
  • Consumer Guide to LASIK and Vision Surgery:
  • Age-Related Macular Degeneration
  • Consumer Guide to Eye Exams