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Vision Health Specialties: Our 20 Guiding Principles

These principles describe our most basic standards that if followed will create consistency throughout all of Vision Health Specialties. They describe our problem solving processes, grooming, housekeeping, safety and efficacy standards. Together, these principles help to ensure that we meet our patient/ guest service standards and expectations.

  1. The Mission of this practice is to provide our patients with the highest level of primary eyecare. Each member of our caring team of knowledgeable professionals strives to deliver exceptional service and quality care to every patient. Our goal is to exceed the expectations of the patients we serve. Our Vision statement: To be the Best Primary Optometric Practice in the USA.
  2. We value the loyalty of our patients to the long term success of our practice. We reward our patients with their loyalty by expressing our gratitude when appropriate.
  3. We value our patients so much that we treat them like they are the guests in our homes.
  4. “Smile — we are on stage.” Always maintain eye contact and acknowledge all patients by all doctors and team members. Remember, they are our guests in the office.
  5. Appointments are made for maximum efficiency in production, taking into account the patient’s wants and needs. New, non-referred patients are rotated equally amongst doctors.
  6. Empathy . . . defined as “putting oneself in another’s shoes”. Our goal is that all team members keep themselves in their patients shoes as to how they would perceive our services. They are actually the entities that pay your salary. This patient empathy involves everything we do, say, and perform.
  7. Care, care, care…. We cannot make any team member develop within themselves a caring attitude, but we do wish to earnestly appeal to the inner self of each team member to continue developing and working toward truly caring about each and every patient. It will show, and then we all come out winners as the most outstanding practice in the USA.
  8. Vision Health Specialties team members are always at the forefront with newest technologies and innovations in our field. it is our duty to share this knowledge with our patients so they may benefit from these advancements.
  9. 99% cosmetic and prescription accuracy in all spectacles made by the Eyeware Gallery of Vision Health Specialties and contact lenses dispensed by the Contact Lens Source.
  10. Spectacles when ready will be dispensed to patients with an in/out time of 15 minutes or less with a comfortable fit.
  11. Fifteen (15) minute face analysis and frame selection or less is our standard to achieve in 90% of frame selections.
  12. Spectacles will be made on the following schedule of single vision 1-2 days; multifocals 3 days; and, special order frames or lenses within 7 days. Most Spherical contacts will be in stock and special orders arrive in 7 days. Frames and contact orders are checked in the day they arrive and patients are notified.
  13. Keep our patients informed about the progress of backorders whether spectacles, frames, or contacts.
  14. Happy calls are important feedback on how well we are doing. Happy calls are made at 2 weeks to make sure patients are happy with their spectacles.
  15. We will provide a continuum of care assistance to our patients. We will keep surgeons, family practice doctors, pediatricians, and other sub-specialty or professional referrers in-formed of individual patient needs.
  16. We value our team members by supporting them in their education efforts and with our Teamtastic recognition program.
  17. Take pride and care in your personal appearance. Everyone is responsible to convey a prpfessional image by adhering to the Vision Health Specialties clothing and grooming standards.
  18. Protecting the assets of Vision Health Special-ties is the responsibility of every team member. Conserve energy and properly maintain and protect our environment.
  19. Lateral service is helping your fellow team member when needed. All team areas pitch in to help other areas with lateral service when needed or asked so patient care proceeds smoothly and without conflict.
  20. Service lapses and crisis to occur; service recovery techniques are already in place to satisfy the patient’s needs and solve service difficulties. Service recovery techniques include but are not limited to: — calling the patient on delays/backorders; — shipping overnight at no charge; — treating a patient to a high perceived value item if in the mind of the team member it is the best service recovery possible. We value the team member using their judgement in these situations. Items with over $250 of value should be reviewed with the team leader and respective doctor.


The pandemic of coronavirus (COVID 19) continues to spread endangering many of us who call Midland/Odessa home. While the number of cases in Texas is growing rapidly, so far there are few cases in our area. At Vision Health Specialties it is our goal to keep it that way.

Because eye care by necessity requires close contact between workers and patients, the Center for Disease Control along with other eye care specialty organizations recommend that during this critical period eye doctors suspend routine vision examinations. In complying with this, Vision Health Specialties will terminate routine eye care beginning Monday, March 23‎rd until Wednesday, April 1st. We will be open from 9:00 till 4:00 PM during this period of time with a small staff to handle urgencies such as red eyes, corneal ulcers, uveitis, abrasions, sudden increases in floaters, or flashes, and foreign bodies in the eye. Please call our office before coming in. Furthermore, those who have traveled to China, Italy, South Korea, Japan, Iran, or the state of Washington, California, New York, Louisiana and/or other affected areas, as well as those who have respiratory disease, and/or fever, will be referred to the emergency department of Midland Memorial Hospital where they are equipped to handle those at risk of coronavirus.