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Our practice is right by Target & Rosa’s Café at 4109 North Midland Dr. Midland, TX 79707

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Serving the entire Midland Neighborhood

American 20FlagMidland Texas

One of the most fascinating locations in Texas, Midland has its own Midland Airport, Park Mall, and of course, the home for Vision Health Specialties.

What you might not know about Midland, Texas, is that in recent years, the population has been estimated to have grown over 150,000 because of the recent oil boom. Even President Bush lived in Midland for a time, both H.W. and W. actually.

Midland has the Nickname of “The Tall City” and the motto of “Feel the Energy!” Keeping your eyeglasses prescription current would help your vision of tall sights and, in fact, keep your energy up because you’d be saving energy with proper vision.

We are 15 minutes away from most corners of Midland, Texas.

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So, why not drop by & schedule an eye exam today.