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Our practice is right by Target & Rosa’s Café at 4109 North Midland Dr. Midland, TX 79707

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Our History

While Vision Health Specialties officially began in 1999, there’s a long history of the practice starting in the early 1920s. The office started out in the with Dr. Pettaway and was soon taken over by Dr. Norman Gould in the late 50s. As the practice grew larger over the next few years, the practice became more and more established in Midland, TX. The practice then added Dr. Billy Cook in the early 70s, who continued to work in this location ever since. Later on, Dr. Neely joined the practice. Dr. Gould retired in 1998, leaving Dr. Cook & Dr. Neely to run the practice.

In another part of town, Dr. Grigsby and Dr. Sheets had their own private practice. In 1999, they decided to join the practice with Dr. Cook & Dr. Neely and formulate one of the largest practices that are still going strong today. The name was originally Vision Health Center, but they changed it to Vision Health Specialties in 1999 when the four of them got together.

Since then, the practice’s focus continues to be the best optometric practice in the United States of America. The merger of all the doctors has always had this goal, and today, West Texas knows that Vision Health Specialties is the leader in eye care.

All our doctors are natives to Texas, except for Dr. Sheets who came from North Dakota.

We provide eye care for the entire family even babies to toddlers. As optometrists, it’s important that on their very first checkup, they ensure that everything about their eyes is healthy and developing. In addition, we have families who come in for exams – mom, dad, and the three kids – and we’ve seen these families come in for years.

Our practice helps those with eye diseases, such as patients with glaucoma, diabetes, and macular degeneration. We carry the latest technology to detect changes in their eyesight and either provide treatment or refer them out as needed. Since we’re next door to EyeLASIK Midland, our eye doctors co-manage a lot of LASIK surgery.

We’re located at a very convenient location in northwest Midland Texas, right off the loop, and just about everything happens off of the loop. Many patients along with their exams get their shopping done if they need to. We’re close by to the Walmart Supercenter and practically share the parking lot with Target. Plus, there are at least 10 to 12 restaurants nearby that people can access all within a quarter to a half mile. Our parking is free and easy to access because of the great location.

We have a rich combination of staff members, some nearly at the location for 30 years, some spanning a decade at the office, and a few new faces as well. For the most part, we have many long-term staff members who are committed to working at our office and continue to ensure the highest quality of care for our patients.

Our practice emphasizes professionalism, efficiency, and attention so that every patient can go in, see their doctor in a timely fashion, and ultimately receive their prescription and updated eyewear.