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About Learning Disabilities & Pediatric Eye Exams

When your child at school undergoes a vision screening, the nurse or attendant will assess your child’s accuracy at reading the eye chart. As long the child can make out the letters, they can pass an eye chart. Unfortunately, this test doesn’t clearly define whether a child suffers from a learning disability or even vision problems. The eye chart test was solely created to evaluate refractive error — namely nearsightedness or myopia.

What does an optometrist evaluate during a comprehensive pediatric eye exam?

An eye doctor wants to ensure your child can effectively view their world with healthy eyes. Difficulty in reading, writing, and focusing can all be linked to your child’s ability to see the world. Simply labeling a child as having behavioral issues or misdiagnosing ADD/ADHD.

Vision problems captured during an eye exam include eye tracking skills, convergence skills, vision & mote integration, and even visual perception & visual memory.

Why rely on a vision screening? Get your child the best care for their eyes by scheduling an eye exam at our practice.