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Discover Eyewear Freedom

Not everyone can wear contact lenses or prescription eyewear without settling for some longterm commitments. Whether one ends up juggling between various contact lens brands or choosing between the numerous pairs of eyewear brands, not to mention the expected yearly investment in replenishing contacts or updating one's old pair of glasses, many decide to choose a simpler method, which is laser vision correction or LASIK.

Without the need for glasses or contact lenses, one ensures their eyes stay stronger and healthier - longer. Plus, nearsightedness or myopia is connected to the development of ocular disease as one reaches their 40s. Through a LASIK procedure, one reduces their risk while enjoying perfect vision in their active years.

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Imagine Life Without Having to Wear Glasses or Contact Lenses

Make sure to ask one of our eye doctors about laser vision correction treatments available through Vision Health Specialties. We’ll guide you on your candidacy based on a comprehensive eye exam and utilize the latest eye care technology in digital imaging. EyeLASIK Midland is our recommended center that boasts a line of professional eye surgeons who carry amazing records of successful laser vision correction procedures as well as the highest standards of customer care.

EyeLASIK Midland Utilizes
iLASIK Treatment with the VISX STAR S4 IR® Excimer Laser System

The iLasik treatment includes the most advanced technology to not only capture the exact formulation of your eyes structure and shape but nearly any optical imperfection. Through corneal topography, we’re able to diagnose, measure, and ultimately correct imperfections of the eye to reach the amazing vision. The Wavefront-guided technology creates a 3D contour map of your eye to establish the health of your cornea, tear layers, pupil size, and any possible eye conditions.

In general, whether during your pre-op visit or LASIK consultation, we will do a thorough review of your medical history from eye allergies to medications as well as your complete family history. This information will help our eye doctor guide you through the process up to the day of the procedure. For example, some patients are advised to stop certain medications or wearing contact lenses.

This information will also help your eye doctor to set realistic expectations after the surgery and prepare you for any possible side effects like dry eye or glare, which is coming after corneal refraction surgery.

Expectations from Beginning to End

Any procedure or vision treatment can be worrisome. Knowing what’s involved can help you make an informed decision. Pre-Operative eye exam is the first step to ensure you’re prepared for your procedure should you opt to go forward. You will learn about:

  • The VISX Star Excimer Laser & Laser Vision Correction technology
  • A discussion & review of your medical history
  • Disclosure of all medications or supplements that you are currently taking
  • Comprehensive eye exam with Digital Retinal imaging to identify signs of eye conditions & prescription
  • Evaluation of your overall eye health
  • Your optometrist will review with you possible risks and ultimate benefits of the procedure

Post-Operative eye exams will evaluate the healing process of your eyes over the months following your LASIK procedure. During a Post Operative Exam:

  • Discuss how the eyes heal naturally
  • Relate how your experience relates to other procedures
  • Receive guidance on how to properly protect your eyes

Meet EyeLASIK Midland - Your Midland, TX LASIK Center

Who is using Eye LASIK Midland

Who Is Using Eye Lasik Midland?

What to Expect From Your Procedure at Eye LASIK Midland

What to Expect From Your Procedure at Eye LASIK Midland

Laser vision correction has provided numerous patients with clear vision and the assurance of healthy eyesight for many years.

LASIK Proactively Prevents Vision Related Issues…

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